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Is your senior pet due for a checkup? A dog is considered senior over the age of 7 and a cat is considered senior over the age over 10.

Dogs and cats are prone to debilitating ailments as they age such as kidney failure, heart disease, arthritis, dental disease, cancer, and cognitive dysfunction. Not to mention one year could be UP TO 7 YEARS of missing a health check for your pet! This is why regular veterinary visits are so important.

Things to look out for in senior pets might include: Increased thirst and urination, vomiting, bad breath, drooling, weight loss/gain, disorientation or changes in appetite / behaviour. Early detection is vital in extending the quality of life for our elderly family members.

At Pymble Vets we like to look at the whole picture and tackle your pet’s issues from every angle.
You can’t beat this!

Special offer for Senior Pet Owners

This month we are offering a comprehensive senior health check for your pet with one of our experienced vets and heavily discounted senior blood and urine pathology profiles.

In addition, if we think based on any results that your pet would benefit from a specific diet, Hills have come on board and are happy to give you both the first AND second bag of one of their super premium diets at 50% off!

A one- stop check up for your pet over 7yrs of age for the month of July!

Please call The Pymble Vet Clinic on 94994010 to book in your pet’s geriatric health check today.